We deliver Cellulose fiber, bitumen emulsifiers, antistriping agents, Polymer - PMB, rejuvenator and specialty additives from our multiple locations in India. We provide quality technical support for the road construction and maintenance industry from our various technical partners.
Working with us gives you access to proven high-quality products for all asphalt applications, a highly skilled team dedicated to our customers, and technical support based on local specifications and materials.

Our Products in Asphalt

Cellulose Fiber

VIATOP® premium

Bitumen-coated fiber pellets for sustainable and economical asphalt solution all around the globe.

SBS Polymer - PMB

SBS 501S

LINER - Excellent Compatibility with other plastics or asphalt. Easy to polymer processing and recycle

SBS 411S

RADIAL - Excellent Hardness, Tensil Strength, Elongation. Good low temperature properties



It is a specially formulated elixir of bio-based oils that rejuvenates the aged bitumen when recycling and reusing high levels of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles (RAS) in mixes.


AmaBIT 24

Tack Coat - Emulsifier for Rapid Setting emulsion

AmaBIT 11

Prime Coat - Emulsifier for Slow Setting emulsion

Anti-stripping Agent


An amine-free anti-strip agent, enhances the bonding between the bitumen and aggregate in apaving Mix, offering improved protection against raveling, rutting, and pothole formation. It helps minimize damage typically caused when road pavements are exposed to moisture and fuel. It improves long-term roadway performance and durability, delivering longer-lasting roadways with smoother rides.


It has the ability to coat damp aggregate which ensures good coverage even at lower mix temperatures.

SBR Latex

Butonal® NX 4190

It is a mechanically stable latex polymer dispersion that is readily incorporated into cationic asphalt emulsions through addition to the soap solution (batch process) or co-milling (continuous process). It provides excellent cohesion and adhesion properties with aggregate and significantly enhances the residue properties, such as forced ductility, toughness and tenacity, elastic recovery and softening point, over conventional cationic polymers.

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