About us

Amaz is well known in Specialty chemical distribution and Manufacturing of chemical additives. With a strong history and commitment to innovation, we provide high-quality products and exceptional service.



History of Innovation: Since 2020, Amaz has evolved in speciality chemicals manufacturing, staying ahead of trends and offering cutting-edge solutions.


Exceptional Service & Quality: We prioritize outstanding service and top-quality speciality chemicals, meeting diverse industry needs with stringent standards.


Lasting Partnerships & Impact: Building trust-based relationships, we strive to make a positive industry impact through excellence and mutual growth.

Our Mission and Vision

We are a leading global chemical company committed to innovating sustainable solutions that enhance lives, protect the environment, and drive positive global progress. Our goal is to be recognized for excellence in innovation, sustainability, and positive societal impact.


We diversify our portfolio in various speciality chemical industries. We accomplish this by providing superior products and outstanding customer service by maintaining a highly efficient controlled process


To be a Leading house of chemicals providing companies with access and expertise to grow in the global market.

Our Principals

Amaz is a competent and reliable partner in Technical sales and distribution in the field of speciality chemicals.Our diverse product portfolio is suitable for many areas such as road construction, agrochemicals, pigments, building materials, industrial chemicals, and rubber/polymer products. We continuously expand our product portfolio through innovation at our inhouse Laboratory and focus on our core products.


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